To our Family and friends of Family Automotive Group and travelers who must visit us with issues on your vehicles: We Are Open and here to take care of you during these unprecedent times.  With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting our state, we are doing more to protect you when you visit our dealerships in St. George, SC.  We are committed to protecting the safety of our employees and the health of our customers.  In accordance to guidelines set forth by our local and state officials we are taking extra precautions to clean and sanitize our dealerships.  We offer hand sanitizer throughout the dealerships and are wiping down vehicles in service before and after maintenance plus wiping down vehicles before and after test drives. 

We have always been a dealership that offers pickup and delivery of vehicles needing service and we offer online scheduling for your added convenience.   We are a leader in working with clients virtually to buy and lease vehicles with in-home or in-office delivery.  We offer online 24/7 trade evaluations, access to secure credit applications, and a dedicated Sales staff to work with you directly over the phone during and after business hours.  We are here to help in your time of need without you needing to leave your home.

We truly care about our Family and yours, and we are dedicated to helping you with your vehicles needs.  Just call us, click on our website, or message us on how we can help you.

Family Automotive Group